About the operators of the 4D Art Gallery:

The gallery is operated and owned by a team of computer scientists and artists, responsible for the following departments:

Peter W. Simeon (computer scientist), our technical manager of the Computer Art Gallery, provides the imaginary walls and doors for you on the Web.

Rolf Simonetta, permanent artist in the art department, is an artist who creates all his pictures and the necessary objects on the computer. He only uses his own visions as inspiration for his pictures.

Marianne Ruff is also a permanent artist in the art department. She finds her ideas for her pictures in the psyche of the human beeing and also constructs all the pictures and objects on the computer only.

You can contact us on the e-mail address simeon@limmat.ch for further information about the gallery, the artists or the operators. You may also contact the artists directly if you are interested in their pictures. For details look in the biography section.

All copyrights of the pictures are retained by the artists. No part of this gallery may be redistributed without the written permission of the operators and the artists.

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