The 4D Art Gallery is an interactive Computer Art Gallery which presents computer pictures and animations by various artists. This new version is the successor of the first interactive Computer Art Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. You may also want to take a look at the old version which exhibits some different pictures than the current version.

The 3D pictures of the gallery building are design studies for an upcoming VRML version. Our artist Rolf Simonetta is responsible for the construction of these objects.

Because this is an Art Gallery, the pictures in this web site are rather large and may take a while to load. In our opinion it doesn't make sense to limit the picture quality too much in an application like this. We tried to find an optimal compromise between image quality and loading time.

The gallery is operated and owned by a team of computer scientists and artists, responsible for the following departments:

In the 4D Computer Art Gallery we present computer artists who have created, transformed or painted their pictures on the computer only. We make an effort to be able to present regularly the latest and exciting art works of our core artists as well as the works of new artists.

The pictures in this gallery are grouped into worlds of a certain theme. In the transporter room you can "beam" yourself to the worlds where you will find a catalog with all pictures of the visited world.

We assure you that a regular visit to our gallery will be a pleasure to you.

You can contact us on the e-mail address for further information about the gallery, the artists or the operators. You may also contact the artists directly if you are interested in their pictures. For details look in the biography section.

All copyrights of the pictures are retained by the artists. No part of this gallery may be redistributed without the written permission of the operators and the artists.

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