Picture Catalog

This is an alphabetical listing of all pictures currently exhibited in the 4D Art Gallery:

Bane of Life (Rolf Simonetta)
Life is full of unexpected moments.

Bleeding Flowers (Rolf Simonetta)
Too much beauty can be a real pain.

Cave and Rose (Marianne Ruff)
Even in the darker times of our life, there is a rose blooming at some hidden place.

Chains (Rolf Simonetta)
Unchain your heart or you will never be able to love somebody.

The Colors of Life (Marianne Ruff)
The colors of life do not need an explanation.

A Comunicative World (Marianne Ruff)
Things would look like this, if everyone opened his door to the world.

Course of Life (Marianne Ruff)
Sometimes life is like a ride on a roller coaster.

Dark Church (Rolf Simonetta)
Will the Church ever be able to free itself?

Deamons of the Darkness (Marianne Ruff)
The face of our dark side.

Dreams and Roses (Marianne Ruff)
A Rose looks like this when it is dreaming.

Dream On (Marianne Ruff)
Go on dreaming, maybe the dreams become even more beautiful.

Eternal Life (Rolf Simonetta)
Eternal Life would be unbearable.

From Deep Inside (Marianne Ruff)
The light part in us.

Golden Wings (Marianne Ruff)
These golden wings will bring you always back into the light.

Happiness (Marianne Ruff)
Happiness is one of the greatest gifts in our life.

Inspiration of a Dream (Marianne Ruff)
This is the way day dreams can look.

Jaws (Rolf Simonetta)
Monuments of the past.

Jellyfish (Rolf Simonetta)
These fragile beeings appear to be from another world.

Liberation (Marianne Ruff)
The wall breaks apart.

Light and Dark (Marianne Ruff)
Light and dark, life and death, it's an eternal circle.

Living (Marianne Ruff)
In the dark of our unconscious mind, there is a lot of life.

The Living Years (Marianne Ruff)
The living years can be so beautiful.

Magic Flowers (Marianne Ruff)
These magic flowers are growing in your magic garden.

New Sun (Marianne Ruff)
The new sun comes out of the dark to illuminate the surrounding.

New York (Marianne Ruff)
New York or the one and only city of your choice.

Next Dimension (Rolf Simonetta)
There are frontiers that shoudn't be crossed.

Night (Marianne Ruff)
Even in the deepest night there is life.

Paradise (Marianne Ruff)
The happy hours in life are like being in paradise.

Rose and Papillon (Rolf Simonetta)
There will always be things that belong together.

Search for Nature (Marianne Ruff)
Everyone has to search for nature first inside himself.

Space Flowers (Marianne Ruff)
I hope, that flowers like this are growing in the universe of my soul.

A Square World (Marianne Ruff)
Everyone lives in his own small world.

Stepping Stones (Rolf Simonetta)
Will there ever be heaven on earth?

Sunrise (Marianne Ruff)
A new day begins, high above the sea.

Symphony in Blue (Marianne Ruff)
Music becomes visible.

Time Gate (Marianne Ruff)
The time gate leads you into a new dimension, to explore life.

War and Peace (Rolf Simonetta)
Fight for peace.

Wall Flowers (Marianne Ruff)
Flowers are growing, just in any place.

Woman's Power (Marianne Ruff)
Women's power evolves and grows out of the eternal sea.

Woman in Disguise (Rolf Simonetta)
A woman in disguise in the middle of the ocean.

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