World of Future

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Welcome to the World of Future.

We all hope of a more human tomorrow in a better world.

A Square World (Marianne Ruff)
Everyone lives in his own small world.

A Comunicative World (Marianne Ruff)
Things would look like this, if everyone opened his door to the world.

Next Dimension (Rolf Simonetta)
There are frontiers that shoudn't be crossed.

Golden Wings (Marianne Ruff)
These golden wings will bring you always back into the light.

Liberation (Marianne Ruff)
The wall breaks apart.

Bane of Life (Rolf Simonetta)
Life is full of unexpected moments.

Wall Flowers (Marianne Ruff)
Flowers are growing, just in any place.

Cave and Rose (Marianne Ruff)
Even in the darker times of our life, there is a rose blooming at some hidden place.

Jaws (Rolf Simonetta)
Monuments of the past.

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