World of Oceans

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Welcome to the World of Oceans.

Let the waves take you away to the ocean of your feelings.

Woman in Disguise (Rolf Simonetta)
A woman in disguise in the middle of the ocean.

Symphony in Blue (Marianne Ruff)
Music becomes visible.

Woman's Power (Marianne Ruff)
Women's power evolves and grows out of the eternal sea.

Jellyfish (Rolf Simonetta)
These fragile beeings appear to be from another world.

Sunrise (Marianne Ruff)
A new day begins, high above the sea.

Light and Dark (Marianne Ruff)
Light and dark, life and death, it's an eternal circle.

Dark Church (Rolf Simonetta)
Will the Church ever be able to free itself?

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