World of Stars

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Welcome to the World of Stars.

The stars of the night inspire us to fascinating visions.

Time Gate (Marianne Ruff)
The time gate leads you into a new dimension, to explore life.

Eternal Life (Rolf Simonetta)
Eternal Life would be unbearable.

Magic Flowers (Marianne Ruff)
These magic flowers are growing in your magic garden.

The Living Years (Marianne Ruff)
The living years can be so beautiful.

New Sun (Marianne Ruff)
The new sun comes out of the dark to illuminate the surrounding.

Space Flowers (Marianne Ruff)
I hope, that flowers like this are growing in the universe of my soul.

Stepping Stones (Rolf Simonetta)
Will there ever be heaven on earth?

War and Peace (Rolf Simonetta)
Fight for peace.

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